Tue, 25 Apr 2017

Discovering sentiment in market news

OPFINE is real time statistical data mining engine of financial sentiment analysis, market sentiment analysis and companies sentiment analysis news from internet.
Opfine is real time, fully automatic and has no human intervention.

Financial sentiment analysis news in real time

About Opfine.com

Opfine brings the financial news stories from around the internet. It reads the publicly available RSS feeds throughout the internet and analyse their polarity (negative or positive). Opfine.com is 100% automatic service (no human intervention whatsoever). Opfine use its own bespoke written algorithms based mainly on statistical analysis and pattern recognition. From financial point of view Opfine concentrate mainly on US market and its correlation to news sentiment during given period - from hours to months.

Real Time
Opfine analyses most data with slight delay (on average two hours) but during US trading hours there is a "real time" sentiment analysis of macro economic news with delay on articles up to 3 minutes. All with the visual correlation to S&P500 index.

Although accuracy of this system is quite complicated to define, because Opfine create a relative scores. Relative in respect to other analysed articles. Overall, anything that creates a score above 50, is considered strong sentiment and it's accuracy is around 90%. Total accuracy is around 70%.
There is also 'visual' accuracy where most popular sentiments are displayed on the graph with it's real world benchmark index. So for example macro news sentiment is displays together with S&P 500 index and user can see for him/her self the accuracy of algorithm.

Design is made purely to follow to sentiment polarities - negative (red) and positive (green).
Opfine does not consider so called neutral sentiment as valid. Mainly because we believe that human mind does not see things as neutral either.
They are always good or bad, what changes is only the weight of so called goodness (positivity) and badness (negativity).

Opfine is a non profit system with attitude to novelty research, data mining and other similar scientific areas. It does not display any third party content except news articles titles, ( and titles only!). All content, namely sentiment analysis, text, pictures, sentiment graphs and charts are original and belongs to owners of this site. Opfine is based on free open source technologies like: MySql, Java, Tomcat, Linux and quite significant amount of original bespoke written software specifically for this site.

Opfine.com is located in London (UK). In case of any queries, opinions, complaints or anything else to say please write to
marianmedla [at] gmail.com